Restoration and Conservation of Rare Books and Family Heirlooms

Services & Pricing


I have more than 10K hours in conservation, restoration and period rebinding of books. During my career, I learned that every project is a different project in bookbinding and conservation, and that is why I decided not to present a fixed pricing table. I will be happy to work with you and personalize a custom quote according to your specific needs and budget.

Here is a summary of the services I currently offer:

  • Construction/Restoration of full and half leather bindings, with blind and gold tooling on spine and boards.
  • Construction of clamshells, pamphlet binders, cloth case bindings, paper case bindings, and post-binders for use in encapsulation.
  • A variety of treatments to stabilize, conserve, restore, and protect antique document and book materials.Treatments include: paper repair using heat-set tissue, solvent set tissue or long fiber Japanese paper tissue and paste, aqueous and non-aqueous deacidification, removal of adhesives and tapes mechanically and with solvents, multiple sewing techniques to repair textblocks, and hand-sewn endbands.

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2 Responses to “Services & Pricing”

  1. Rob Walmsley

    Dear Ms Baltar,

    How much would you charge to repair a Beatrix Potter book similar to the one in the picture on your webpage.

    Kind regards

    Rob Walmsley

    • Isabella Baltar

      Mr. Walmsley, I am so sorry your comment did not come to straight to my inbox. I will be glad to help you, in case you are still interested, with the restoration of your Beatrix Potter book. Please feel free to send an email to triadbookbinding at yahoo dot com with a few photos of your book. Thank you and apologize for such a delay. Isabella


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